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03-08.12.2017 – Working Meeting in Rome (Initial Conference of Project Participants & 1st Coordination Meeting of the PMC)

19-23.03.2018 – Working meeting in Katowice (1st meeting of WG1, WG2 and WG3)

26-30.03.2018 – Working meeting in Wismar (Conference of Project Participants P5, P6, P8, P12 at Wismar University P11)

09-13.04.2018 – Working Meeting in Rome (Meeting of representatives of WG1/Freight – Smart WG2 WG3)

28.05-01.06.2018 – Working Meeting in Rome (Advancement & 2nd PMC Coordination Meetings)

31.07-02.08.2018 – Working Meeting in Kharkiv (Progress Seminar of WG1 and its Sub-groups)

11-15.09.2018 – Working Meeting in Batumi (Firsts Annual Training Seminar on SmaLog issues)