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Work package 9


Dissemenation and Exploitation activities of the project

Description: There is not Master Programme in SmaLog in UA & GE Universities. Taking into account that Transport Technologies and Logistics are being currently taught in many Universities of the Ukraine and Georgia the project dissemination strategy should be focused on large UA & GE national audiences. These audiences will include: (1) the graduates of the secondary and technical schools – potential universities’ entrants and their parents; (2) enterprises of various field of production – potential employers of the graduates; and (3) UA & GE Universities willing to introduce the EU-UA-GE Joint Master Programme in SmaLog. The strategy will focus on object of Master Programme – City. To cover these audiences, the project foresees the following means:

  • Publications: project website, Facebook Page/Group, advertising in Google which will contain and disseminate all materials and information about the Project activities, events and achievements and will have free access; Journal “Transport Problems” will be edited by P4; the Project Information Bulletin providing every subscriber with all information about the reached results in the course of the project and future plans and activities will be prepared by P6; publications in Specialized Journals aiming at distribution the project achievements among greater amount of interested people; Edition of the Smalog Master Programme Curricula and Syllabi of disciplines, Image Booklet of the Smalog Master Programme, Image Booklet of the Smalog PhD Program, Project Brochure, Project leaflets, International Conference Proceedings will be edited by each partner from UA and GE Universities.
  • Conferences, Seminars, Summer Schools and Presentations: carrying out Summer Schools for the PC Universities’ teachers – academic staff of the SmaLog, Conferences, Exhibitions, Students’ Fairs, Open Days with the participation of mass media, organization of the Initial and Final Project Presentations, participation in the National and International Conferences on the project related issues in order to spread the dissemination of the Project materials and information on the national and international levels; International Conference in Italy, Lviv, Kyiv, Tbilisi devoted to the presentation of the Project results to the international audience. The implementation of above activities will allow getting the appropriate feedback and modifying the project results in the accordance with modern market requirements.

Exploitation. The main results are used beyond the lifetime of the project are (1) opportunity to integration MP into the regular teaching process through accreditation of programme by UA and GE Ministries of Education; (2) MP is fundamentals for development SmaLog PhD programme, that will implemented after project’s lifetime; (3) results of the project will be sustained after the funding period has finished due to receiving practical experience of European policies in the field of Higher Education and implementing IQAS into regular teaching process in UA and GE Universities (IQAS Guide); (4) alumni may fill the niche of qualified specialists by getting a job in the entities using smart and nanotechnology in transport to lead to European standards of transport process in UA and GE cities.


To disseminate information about project in large UA & GE national audiences.

To present MP to Ministries of Education in Programme Countries.

To exploit results beyond the lifetime of the project.

Lead Organisation: Lviv Politechnic National University (LPNU).