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Work package 5


Methodical, organizational and technical support of SmaLog students’ training

Description: WP5 focuses on preparation of the methodical and technical base for realization new SmaLog Master Programme introduction to the UA & GE Universities. Main responsible for WP5 realizing will be ZSTU (P5). Responsible for improvement of study infrastructure at Partner Countries Universities will be work group 2 (WG2). WG2 will consist of 2 representatives from each UA&GE University. All together 12 persons. During Study Visit to EU Universities members of WG2 will have possibility to acquaint with advanced EU study methods and infrastructure. Teaching materials for Master course study will be elaborated and published. Also modern equipment for study aims will be purchased (computers, software). Project Website, Facebook Page/Group, Google Advertising will be created at the base of ZSTU (P5). All elaborated teaching materials will be situated at the Website, Facebook Page/Group, advertising in Google for free access for SmaLog Master students from project participant universities. The project is foreseen to investigate opportunities to the students’ class registration fees or support from the stakeholders including NGO.


Create Master students’ Research Centre for SmaLog students and teachers.

Create website.

Create base for Transnational Student Mobility.

Introduce new advanced methods of Master students training.

Sign agreements between PC Universities of Double Degree Diploma.

Lead Organisation: Zhytomyr State Technological University (ZSTU).