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Work package 1


Consolidated Work Plan

Description: WP1 is focused on preparation of Joint EU-PC Master Programme in the SmaLog. Working Groups (WG) will be created at the beginning of the project: WG1 responsible for Curriculum, Syllabi and teaching materials of the SmaLog Master Programme (MP) development; WG1 consists of following sub-groups: WG1/passenger – responsible for passenger transportation MP; WG1/freight – for freight transportation MP; WG1/traffic – for traffic flows MP; WG1/smart – for smart transport MP. WG2 – responsible for improvement of study infrastructure at PC Universities; WG3 – responsible for development International Quality Assurance System.

Also Project Management Committee (PMC) responsible for the general management of the Project will be formed. PMC staff: 2 pers. from P1 +2 pers. from P3 + 1 pers. from others Institutions =13 persons. At the Initial Conference of the Project participants in Nov. 2017 presentation of the Project will be made, overall strategy of development of MP in SmaLog will be determined


To delegate responsibility for Working Groups.

To form Project Management Committee (PMC).

To present project.

Lead Organisation: University of Rome Tor Vergata (UNITOV).