O. M. Beketov National University
of Urban Economy in Kharkiv


O. M. Beketov NUUE was founded in 1922. The university has over 16,000 students, including 500 foreign nationals from 42 countries. Since 1998 O. M. Beketov NUUE participated in TEMPUS Programme. University is only one that trains specialists for the utility services and municipal government in Ukraine. The University has the basis for e-learning for Bachelor and Master’s degrees and Distance Learning Centre on the MOODLE platform available for students and teachers. The University Digital Repository has about 50 thousand items. The thematic range covers the main areas of student’s training and scientific research conducted at the university. O. M. Beketov NUUE has the agreements on creative collaboration with UK, Canada, Poland, Germany, France, Czech Republic and etc., regarding the joint development and implementation in the educational process and scientific and technological development of modern methods of teaching and research.

Department involved

Department of Transport Systems and Logistics



Transport System and Logistics Department was established in 2002. Department Staff :2 Full Doctors Professors; 9 PhD, Associated Professors; 5 PhD; 5 Assistant; 3 Laboratory assistant. Department of Transport Systems and Logistics trains bachelors in Transport Engineering and masters in Logistics, Transport Systems, Road Traffic Control, Transportation Organization and Transport Management. Over 1000 experts have graduated these specialties since 2002.

The engineering degree programme Transport Technologies was accredited by certification committee ASIIN in accordance with a European-Accredited Engineering Bachelor Degree Programme. Department of Transport Systems and Logistics has a “Ergonomic and Transport Problems“ laboratory with special equipment for exploring human factor in transport process and environment influence on driver’s behavior.

Keywords: City Logistics, Freight Transportation, Passenger Transportation, Anti-Congestion Activities, Routing System, Motor Transport Ergonomics, Traffic flows.

Contact Person: Prof. Oleksii Lobashov

Address: Marshala Bazhanova str. 17, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61002.


Social page:;Кафедра-Транспортных-систем-и-логистики-ХНУМГ-имени-А-Н-Бекетова-1747327998836864;

NUUE Team in SmaLog

Photo Name and Surname Title email
  Oleksii Lobashov Full professor in Transport Systems,

Head of Transport Systems and Logistics Department


  Dmytro Roslavtsev Associate professor in Transport Systems

Head of Educational and Metodological Department
  Kateryna Vakulenko Associate professor in Transport Systems


  Mariia Olkhova Associate professor in Transport Systems


  Yevhen Kush Associate professor in Transport Systems


Main international publication of the team

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