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Institute of Market Problems and Economic& Ecological

Research  of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

IMPEER was founded on the basis of Odessa Division of the Institute of Economy Scientific Academy of USSR, founded in May, 1970. The results of fundamental and applied researches of the Institute are directed to solving of actual problems of national economy market reforms, providing of ecological safety, development of marine economy and deeping strategy and tactics of stable, balanced social economical and econo-ecological development of Ukrainian Black Sea region. In the round of tasks of the Institute are incoming the researches which directs the present condition of state economy:  institutional factors of the market environment;  development of transport and transit potential of Ukraine and the mechanisms for its implementation;  institutional mechanisms for greening the economy; overcoming regional disparities and modernization of socio-economic development of the southern regions of Ukraine. Scientific researches of Institute’s workers are realized by giving the consultations to the Ukrainian Government and other interested state organizations, preparing the monografies, appearance in press.

Staff of the Institute is 106 employees, among them 54 research workers, including 21 Doctors of Economics and 16 PhD. There post graduated and in Institute.

Department involved

Department of Transport Services Market

Department of Transport Services Market of the IMPEER provides.

On the basis of the department developed the following documents:  the National maritime policy, “Maritime Doctrine of Ukraine” project “National rules at free pricing of port services”, “The concept of e-commerce services in transportation of cargo in the combined land-water communication ” project of Law of Ukraine” On international Register of Shipping Ukraine”, The programme of development of the transport complex for Odessa region until 2020, Concept of development of passenger transportation in Odessa. A round table discussion was held recently on the basis of the department  the negotiation to discuss two major bills on inland water transport.

Staff of Department : 1 Full Doctor of Economic, Professors; 2 Full Doctors of Economic, Senior Research Fellow;  Full Doctors  of Economic, Associate Professor; 2 PhD, Senior Research Fellow; 4 Engineer.

Keywords: transport economy, transit potential of the country, transport policy of the country.

Contact Person: Prof. Olena Lypynska.

Address: Frantsuzsky Boulevard 29, 65044, Odessa, Ukraine.

Email: ortu_iprei@ukr.net.

Web address: http://www.impeer.od.ua.

LPNU Team in SmaLog

Photo Name and Surname Title email
  Oleksiy Kotlubay Full Doctor of Economics, Professor tkf@ukr.net
  Olena Lypynska Full Doctor of Economics, Senior Researcher alenalip@ukr.net
  Svetlana Minakova Full Doctor of Economics,  Associate Professor smmnkv@gmail.com

Main international publication of the team

Kotlubay O. Prospects of participation of enterprises of the water transport of Ukraine in the carriage of goods from EU countries / O. Kotlubay // Economic innovations: collection of scientific papers. – 2016. – Issue 62 – P.86-93. (In Ukrainian).
Kotlubay O. Modern economic relations of the world economic complex: monograph / O. Kotlubay – Odessa: IPMEER, 2013. – 206 p. (In Ukrainian).
Transport complex of Ukraine: national report / O. Kotlubay, O.Lypynska and other – Odessa: IPMEER, 2014. –  177 p. (In Ukrainian).
Kotlubay O. Theory and methodology of development of transport and technological systems of cargo transportation in Ukraine  / O. Kotlubay – Odessa: IPMEER, 2012. – 200 p. (In Ukrainian).
Development of economic relations in the World transport complex: a collective monograph / O. Kotlubay, O.Lypynska and other – Odessa: IPMEER, 2013. – 286 p. (In Ukrainian).
Kotlubay O. Economic and legal principles of activity of transport and forwarding enterprises as agents of the cargo-owner / O. Kotlubay, O.Lypynska // Economic innovations: collection of scientific papers. – 2017. – Issue 63 – P. 118-128. (In Ukrainian).
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