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LTD “ Batumi Autotransport” based of two companies: autocolona 2655 and autocolona 2659. It is located in Batumi Sulkhan -Saba Orbeliani str. №13. LTD “Batumi Autotransport” is spread on 26781 square metre area.

Batumi is situated on the tourist zone and the number of tourists and visitors increases every year. Today, company owns 141 buses, 370 city bicycles, 30 bike stations and 2 city trains. In near future, approximately 20 further units of environmentally friendly buses will be bought. Main activity of organization related to the passenger transportation. Bus schedules are monitoring VIA GPS. Marketing department is making periodical researches to meet customers needs. Two ticketing systems are available paper tickets and electronic cards. Batumi bike Project is very popular among citizens and tourist costumers. Everything above mentioned is a result of improvement and development of service. With this purpose, the contract has made between the Batumi City Hall and the Bank of Development. According to the contract, a project about an improvement of municipal transport has been organized.

Nowadays, more then 700 people works in the company.

With its experience on nanotechnology and Intelligent Transportation System, BATAUT contributes to the implementation of specific preparations and development phases and, supports the dissemination and exploitation, and sustainability of the project, regarding actively participation in workshops, in reviewing the diplomas, in considering the possibility to host SMALOG students/staff for experimenting and putting into practice the results of diploma, the support to the implementation of the innovative living laboratory approach in Georgia and further virtuous actions that could help to disseminate and exploit the transportation cultures. In particular, BATAUT contributes to the design of education pathways in order to address the employability of the expected graduates in Georgia.


Keywords: Transport, transport systems, logistics.




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He is currently responsible for the Marketing Management/ Product Management/ at Batumi Autotransport LTD. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, Major in Management, and in 2012 joined the Global Community Development Program in Bratislava (Slovakia), as an international intern, project of Educate Slovakia.

He has experiences in Marketing and Branding, Entrepreneurship.

GIORGI KALANDADZE He is currently responsible for the Marketing Management/ Product Management/ at Batumi Autotransport LTD. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in programing and Major in financial, He has experiences in Marketing and Branding, in administration system and in tourism, photography and art design.