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Work package 2


EU-UA-GE Joint Master Programme in SmaLog

Description: WP2 focuses on development of Joint EU-PC Master Programme in SmaLog. One week Study Visit of UA&GE part of WG1 to EU Universities (26 persons) will be organized in February 2018.

On base of the Desk and Field studies of all available materials concerning MP in SmaLog, members of the WG1 will develop a draft version of the MP in SmaLog at home universities during Dec. 2017-June 2018 communicating each with other mainly via e-mail and phone connection.

The draft version of all developed documents will be evaluated by PC and EU experts, discussed and coordinated in all participated universities, coordinated with the PC Ministries of Education (if necessary) and approved by the Scientific Councils of the participated PC Universities during May-Nov. 2018. Progress Seminar of WG1 will be organized in Kharkiv in September 2018. The 2nd Conference for MP in SmaLog presentation and discussion of ways for its introduction together with 2nd Seminar of the PMC will be organized in November 2018. Associate partners (P12, P13) will involve to the design of education pathways in order to address the employability of the expected graduates in Ukraine, to give recommendations and to improve the practical part of MP.


To acquaint with organization of Master study at EU universities.

To elaborate Draft of SmaLog Master Programme for all directions (common part).

To elaborate Draft of SmaLog Master Programme for all directions (special parts).

To elaborate Syllabi of disciplines.

To publish and present Master Programme in SmaLog.

Lead Organisation: Silesian University of Technology (SUT).