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Lviv Polytechnic National University – founded in 1844 is the largest university in Western Ukraine. LPNU consists of 19 institutes including 107 academic departments, has about 36,000 students, 600 PhD candidates. The educational process is provided by a faculty of about 2200 staff members, 280 of whom are professors (holding Dr.Sc. degree) and over 1200 associate professors (holding Ph.D. degree). Since 1961 LPNU trains international students and at present there are more then 300 students from 20 countries. University is a member of the following international organisations: Magna Charta Universitatum; European University Association, Alliance of Universities for Democracy, Association of Carpathian Region Universities, Board of European Students of Technology; Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l’Europe / European Students’ Forum.

Department involved


Department of Transport Technologies


Department of Transport Technologies of the LPNU provides learning and graduating the students on Road Traffic Management and Transportation Management specialties. Learning programmes of these specialties include courses related to supply chain management, city freight, transportation planning, transit management, drivers’ psychological issues, mobility planning, road safety features designing, logistics and others.

Staff of Department :

  • 2 Full Doctors Professors;
  • 5 PhD, Associated Professors;
  • 10 PhD;
  • 5 Assistant;
  • 3 Laboratory assistant.

Keywords: Transport, transport systems, logistics.

Contact Person: Prof. Mykola Zhuk.

Address: St. Bandery  12, 79013, Lviv, Ukraine.

Email: Trans.tech.nulp@gmail.com

Web address: http://www.lp.edu.ua

Social page: Facebook.com/trans.tech.nulp; Twitter.com/TransTechNulp.

LPNU Team in SmaLog

Photo Name and Surname Title email
  Mykola Zhuk PhD, Associate Professor zhukmm65@gmail.com
Volodymyr Kovalyshyn PhD, Associate Professor transtechnologiesv@gmail.com

Main international publication of the team

Zhuk, M. Research on drivers’ reaction time in different conditions / Zhuk M.M, Kovalyshyn V.V., Royko Yu.Ya., Barvinska Kh. A. // Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies. – 2017. – No 2/3(86). – p. 24-31.
Zhuk M. The influence of duration of blindness of the drivers on traffic speed change / M. Zhuk, M. Boikiv, T. Postranskyy // IV symposium of young researches «Transport problems 2015». – Katowice: Silesian University of technology faculty of transport, 2015. – P. 882 – 889.
Zhuk M. Evaluation regularity vehicle traffic on city bus routes in terms of passenger using the software module in python environment/ М. Zhuk, G. Pivtorak // Journal of Lviv Polytechnic National University. Series “Dynamics, durability and design of machines and devices”. – 2016. – NR 838. – P. 168-172 (In Ukrainian).
Zhuk M. Assessment of the duration of embarkation-disembarkation of passengers on public transport stop depending on the number of routes / М. Zhuk, G. pivtorak // Modern technologies in engineering and transport. – 2016. – Nr 1(5). – P. 73-77 (In Ukrainian).
Zhuk M. Research of roadway defects impact on the driver`s functional state / T. Postranskyy, M. Zhuk // Journal of Vinnytsya Polytechnic Institute. -Vinnitsa, 2015. – Nr 4(121). – P. 109 – 112 (In Ukrainian).
Zhuk M. Prediction of the driver`s functional state during driving in the plain conditions / M. Zhuk, T. Postranskyy, M. Afonin // Collection of scientific papers “Improvement of traffic management and transport of passengers and cargo.” – Minsk, 2015. – P. 75 – 82 (In Ukrainian).
Kovalyshyn V. Defining Duration of Driver Reaction Time Components Using the NeuroCom Complex / М. Zhuk, V. Kovalyshyn, R. Tcir // EconTechMod. An international quarterly journal. – 2015. – Vol. 04, Nr. 2. – p. 39-44.
Kovalyshyn V. The influence of road conditions on interval and speed of the vehicle / V. Kovalyshyn, V. Hilevych // Scientific notes. Lutsk National Technical University. – 2016. – Nr. 55. – P. 201-205 (In Ukrainian).
Kovalyshyn V. The information workload as a factor of influence on no emergency work of driver / М. Zhuk, V. Kovalyshyn, I. Kysil // Scientific notes. Lutsk National Technical University. – 2016. – Nr. 55. – P. 148-151 (In Ukrainian).
Kovalyshyn V. Changing the car stopping distance depending on environmental factors / V. Kovalyshyn, V. Hilevych // Abstracts of the the All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference “Bus building and passenger transportation in Ukraine”. – Lviv: Publishing Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2015. – P. 52-53 (In Ukrainian).

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