«SYSTEM SERVICE» is a scientific production enterprise from Kharkov that starts its history in 1989. Company has an experience in different fields of work, such as industrial automation, but the main line is traffic management. Company produces the full range of solutions for traffic control including signal heads, traffic controllers, urban traffic control systems and others developed, produced and maintained by the company’s specialists. There are over 40 employees working in the company.  «SYSTEM SERVICE» has become the leading producer of traffic controllers in Ukraine; also the company has significant part on the Russian market.  Company’s products successfully work in more then 60 cities in Ukraine and more then 40 cities in Russia, as under control of the company’s own urban traffic control system, as under control of other manufacturer’s systems. With over 2400 controllers installed and 16 cities under control of company’s urban traffic control systems, company gathered significant experience in the traffic control. Joint projects with European producers gave the company knowledge about the latest technologies.

With its experience on ICT and Intelligent Transportation System, OOOSS contributes to the implementation of specific preparations and development phases and, in particular, supports the dissemination and exploitation, and sustainability of the project, regarding actively participation in workshops, in reviewing the diplomas, in considering the possibility to host SMALOG students/staff for experimenting and putting into practice the results of diploma, the support to the implementation of the innovative living laboratory approach in Ukraine and further virtuous actions that could help to disseminate and exploit the transportation cultures. In particular, OOOSS contributes to the design of education pathways in order to address the employability of the expected graduates in Ukraine.


Keywords: Transport, transport systems, logistics.

Contact Person:Andrii Potapenko.



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Andrii Potapenko He is engineer-programmer also responsible for business development in the company. He graduated Kharkov National Technical University and got master’s degree in automated control systems, studied recognition technologies in his post-graduate education. He works in the field of vehicle and pedestrian detection, coordinates ITS project in Kharkiv. He supervises foreign relationships of the company. He made report «System for automatic vehicle recognition on the videostream» on the III international conference «Problems of increasing of safety, comfort and culture of the road traffic», 2013.