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Work package 4


System of UA&GE University SmaLog teachers’ skills upgrading

Description: WP4 focuses on teachers of SmaLog Master course skills upgrading. For this purpose International Network for distance learning courses in advanced SmaLog will be performed. NTU (P6) will be basic responsible for International Network creation and its further support. Possibility of teachers distance learning will allow to improve their knowledge in SmaLog without additional mobility and leaving their universities. Formation of target groups of teachers at UA & GE Universities will be made. After, these selected teachers will be retrained at the base of EU participants Universities. Every year at UA & GE Universities Training Seminars in appropriate directions of SmaLog (passenger, freight, traffic and smart transport) will be carried out. Analysis and improvement of the elaborated systems of teachers’ skills upgrading on the basis of the recommendations given by its users will be made.


To develop distance learning courses in SmaLog.

To form target group of teachers for further probation at EU Universities.

To train UA&GE teachers at the EU Universities.