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Work package 10


Menegement activities of the project

Description:There are 13 Project Consortium members: 4 EU members and 9 from Partner Countries: 6 from Ukraine and 3 from Georgia. The Project Management Committee (PMC) is the main body responsable for the overall Project management. PMC will consist of 16 persons, namely: PMC = P1 (2 ps)+P2+P3 (2 ps)+P4+P5+P6+P7+P8+P9+P10+P11. PMC will be headed by the Project Coordinator from P1, the Project Coordinator will be supported by the Project Manager responsible for the operative Project activities’ coordination. A representative of P3 will act as a Local Coordinator (Sub-coordinator) from Ukrainian side; he will be supported by UA Local Manager and will be responsible for coordination of Project activities in Ukraine. P7 also will be responsible for coordination of Project activities in Georgia. These five persons will form the Presidium of the PMC. Other consortium members will be presented in the PMC by Project Contact Persons responsible for coordination of activities on their institution level. The decision making process of the PMC will be based on the following principles: one member – one vote, the decision is adopted by the majority of votes. The Grant Applicant has the exclusive right of veto in financial management of the project. Between the PMC Meetings, the day-to-day management of the Project will be performed mainly by the Project Office of the Grant Applicant (P1). Grant Applicant’s Project Office will be responsible for coordination of activity’s implementation, smooth and effective communication between the partners, budget transfers and preparation of tenders. The EU Project participants’ contact person will contact to other EU University directly, to partner countries participants in Ukraine via Project Office of P3; in Georgia via Project Office of P7.


Coordinate, administrate and control all project activities.

Lead Organisation: University of Rome Tor Vergata (UNITOV).