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Sapienza University of Rome


Sapienza University of Rome, founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII, is one of the oldest universities in the world, and a top performer in international university rankings.

Since its foundation, Sapienza has constantly played a significant role in Italian history and has been directly involved in key changes and developments in society, economics and politics.

Merging centuries of tradition with cutting-edge didactic activities, research and innovation, Sapienza provides top quality education and research opportunities.

With over 700 years of history, 111,000 students, 4,000 teachers and 2,000 employees, technicians and librarians, in addition to 2,000 administrative staff in university hospitals, Sapienza is the first university in Europe. Our mission is to contribute to the development of a knowledge society through research, excellence, quality education and international cooperation. Scientific research activity at Sapienza covers an extremely broad spectrum of disciplines, reaching levels of excellence in many areas, including archaeology, physics and astrophysics, humanities and cultural heritage, the environment, nanotechnologies, cell and gene therapy, design, aerospace, social and economic sciences.

The main campus is a real city within the city located in the heart of Rome. Sapienza University is an extraordinary place for students and teachers from around the world to meet, exchange and develop new ideas and philosophies. University services include 55 libraries (two with 24H reading rooms), 18 museums, Ciao and Hello orientation desks, a Sort – Orientation and Tutoring Office in each faculty, a Disabled Students Office, the Job Soul Placement Office, and a Public Relations Office.

Department involved

Centre for Transport and Logistics


CTL was founded in 2006 with support from the Italian Ministry of Education University and Research. It is dedicated to research and development, consultancy, education, and training. CTL’s activities encompass both contributions to basic research on transport systems and logistics and practical applications for government and industry. The main sectors of activity are: urban transport, logistics and freight transport, road safety, and innovative transport systems. CTL’s research takes a multidisciplinary approach and integrates different competencies. Five departments are affiliated with the Centre through participation in its education, research, and outreach programs: Civil Engineering (Transport), Electronics and Telecommunications, Information Science, Energy and Mechanics, Electrical Engineering. CTL works with academic, corporate, and public-sector partners in Italy and abroad. The continuous exchange of information and ideas among academic faculty and experts from industry makes CTL a dynamic research centre. This makes possible logistics studies and applications in Italy and Europe in such diverse sectors as freight transportation, public transport, air space, ports, railways, telecommunications, innovative vehicles, and food supply chain. Research and consultancy on transport and logistics at CTL covers all the transport modes, passenger and freight, public and private, together with innovations in the fields of telecommunications, computer systems, vehicle mechanics and supply chain management. CTL is elaborating on behalf of the Lazio Region administration the Regional Plan for Mobility, Transport and Logistics, including all the infrastructures (e.g. ports) and related services and transport networks.

Keywords: transport, mobility, road safety, transport systems and logistics, city logistics, freight transport, transport planning, intelligent transport systems.

Contact Person: Prof. Luca Persia.

Address: Via Eudossiana 18, 00184 Rome (Italy, EU).

Email: luca.persia@uniroma1.it.

Web address: http://www.ctl.uniroma1.it.

Social page: www.facebook.com/SapienzaRoma; Twitter.com/sapienzaroma; https://www.linkedin.com/company/universit-degli-studi-di-roma-%27la-sapienza%27/?originalSubdomain=it; https://www.instagram.com/sapienzaroma.

UNIROMA1 Team in SmaLog

Photo Name and Surname Title email
  Luca Persia PhD, Associate Professor luca.persia@uniroma1.it
  Andrea Campagna PhD, Research Followership andrea.campagna@uniroma1.it
  Loris Mezzavilla PhD student loris.mezzavilla@uniroma1.it


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