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Work package 7


International Quality Assurance System

Description: WP6 is focused on study and analyse EU Quality Assurance System in higher education for its further introduction at PC Universities. For carrying out this task, Work Group 3 (WG3) will be created by project participants. WG3 will consists of 1 representatives from each University including students: P1 +P2 +P7 +P3: 1 student +P10 +P11 +P6 +P8: 1 student +P4: student +P9 +P5: student. All together 13 persons (4 students). After study at home universities, existing QAS participants of WG3 will visit EU Universities for better and in-depth study of QAS at EU Universities. On the basis of EU QAS draft of International QAS for its further introduction at UA & GE Universities will be elaborated. After its approval Guide on IQAS use will elaborated and published. After training on new QAS, it will be implemented in UA & GE Universities participated in the Project.


Elaborate Guide on IQAS use and introduce it at PC Universities.

Lead Organisation: University of Rome Tor Vergata (UNITOV).