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Work package 8


Project Quality Control and Monitoring

Description: Bearing in mind that the main project results – the Master Programme should be closely approximated to the existing educational standards at the EU Universities (and at same way, to be in accordance with Partner Country Universities), the current project foresees 4 evaluation and monitoring schemes. Day-to-Day Monitoring of the Project Activities and Achieved Results will be carried out by the members of the PMC/Project Contact Persons on a day-to-day basis. The results of verification of timetable, quantity and quality of activities will be discussed during Project Coordinating Meetings. UA and GE Interuniversity and Cross-university Assessment of the quality of PC Universities’ infrastructure, quality of UA and GE teachers’ retraining and volume and quality of students’ knowledge will be done by UA and GE academic staff involved in the project upon the results’ completing. Academic staff of UA Universities will assess both results obtained by own University as well as results developed by their colleagues from GE Universities and vice versa. EU Assessment: the quality assessment of teaching materials will be performed upon their development, quality assessment of UA teachers retraining will be done by the end of their visit to the EU countries and assessment of volume and quality of students’ knowledge obtained during their training at home universities will be done at the beginning of their training in the EU Universities and during the Master theses defence. External Evaluation of quality of Study Programme, teaching materials, PC Universities’ infrastructure, teachers’ professional skills and students’ knowledge will be carried out by EU Universities and IMPEER experts. The results and recommendations of the external evaluation stated in the Evaluation Reports will be discussed during the PMC Meetings and taking for execution.


Control Project quality and sequence of realization.

Evaluate by representatives of EU and IMPEER.

Lead Organisation: Sapienza University of Rome (UNIROMA1)Institute of Market Problems and Economic& Ecological Research  of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IMPEER).