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Structure of the project

Project structure:

  1. Project Management Committee (PMC)
  2. 3 Working Group:
    • WG 1 – Master Programme preparation and development;
    • WG 2 – Improvement of study infrastructure at Partneer Country universities, including dissemination and exploitation;
    • WG 3 – Development International Quality Assurance System (IAQS).
  3. 10 Working Packages:
    • 1 WP on Preparation;
    • 6 WP on Development;
    • 1 WP on Quality Plan;
    • 1 WP on Dissemination and Exploitation;
    • 1 WP on Management.

The project contains 10 work packages:

WP1: PREPARATION (Consolidated Work Plan);

WP2: DEVELOPMENT (EU-UA-GE Joint Master Programme in SmaLog);

WP3: DEVELOPMENT (Theoretical fundamentals of PhD Programme in SmaLog);

WP4: DEVELOPMENT (System of UA&GE University SmaLog teachers’ skills upgrading);

WP5: DEVELOPMENT (Methodical, organizational and technical support of SmaLog students’ training);

WP6: DEVELOPMENT (Pilot SmaLog students’ training);

WP7: DEVELOPMENT (International Quality Assurance System);

WP8: QUALITY PLAN (Project Quality Control and Monitoring);

WP9: DISSEMINATION & EXPLOITATION (Dissemenation and Exploitation activities of the project);

WP10: MANAGEMENT (Menegement activities of the project).

Relationships among WGs and WPs