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University of Rome Tor Vergata


The University of Rome Tor Vergata is a public academic institution, established in 1981.

The mission of the University of Rome Tor Vergata is to contribute to people’s education and training, to scientific research and to the technological, organisational and social innovation needed to achieve a truly sustainable development in Italy, Europe and worldwide pursuant to the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the United Nations in September 2015. UNITOV is part of UNICA, Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe, YERUN, Young European Research Universities Network, and active in EAIE events. UNITOV has about 39.000 students, 108 degree courses (1st, 2nd level, single cycle), 31 PhD courses (3rd level) and 200 specialisation courses mainly in health area (2nd and 3rd level). In recent years, it has included 16 programs entirely taught in English in its international degree. UNITOV has 1335 teaching staff units and 980 admin staff units.

The research and teaching activities in Transport are performed by the Transport Research Group (TRG), which is part of the Department of Enterprise Engineering “Mario Lucertini”.

Department involved

     Department of Enterprise Engineering “Mario Lucertini”

Transportation and Logistics Study Unit


The research and teaching activities in Transportation are performed by the Transport and Logistics Study Unit (TLSU), which is part of the Department of Enterprise Engineering.

TLSU was ranked as The First Italian Research Group in Transportation Sector in the two latest VQR (eValuation of the Quality of Research) promoted by National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research Systems.

It has carried on several research projects and empirical applications to case studies, aiming at integrating the principles of sustainability into the theory and the practice of transportation planning and modelling, including intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

TRG experience strictly related to the proposal refers to the development of sustainable modes investigating Travel Demand Management policies and has developed an innovative approach for the simulation of Transportation Networks (i.e. schedule-based approach), world-wide acknowledgement as one of the most advanced and powerful tools for Transportation System analysis and design. Besides, the TRG research activities cover the following areas: traveller behavioural models for ITS and ICT contexts, demand and supply models for urban freight transport and city logistics, assignment models for transit networks, land use and transport interaction models, trip chain models in urban areas, simulation models for road accidents, DSS for strategic and tactical transportation planning, and advanced traveller info systems.

To disseminate research results, the TRG has been involving into the organization of scientific workshops and advanced courses on Transportation networks modelling together with several prestigious Universities as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (China), the University of Cantabria, Santander (Spain); the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne (France); the Research Center for Transport and Logistics (CTL) at Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) and the Laboratory of Transportation System Analysis (LAST) at Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria (Italy).

Keywords: transport, transport systems and logistics, intelligent transport systems, mobility, travellers’ behavior, city logistics.

Contact Person: Prof. Antonio COMI.

Address: Via del Politecnico 1, 00133 Rome (Italy, EU).

Email: comi@ing.uniroma2.it

Web address: http://www.dii.uniroma2.it

Social pages:     www.facebook.com/ingegneriagestionaletorvergata;      Twitter.com/ingimpresa.

UNITOV Team in SmaLog


Name and Surname Title email
  Agostino Nuzzolo Full Professor nuzzolo[at]ing.uniroma2.it
  Umberto Crisalli PhD, Associate Professor crisalli[at]ing.uniroma2.it
  Pierluigi Coppola PhD, Associate Professor coppola[at]ing.uniroma2.it
  Antonio Comi PhD, Associate Professor comi[at]ing.uniroma2.it
  Antonio Polimeni PhD, Research Followership antonio.polimeni[at]uniroma2.it
  Giuseppe Vaccaro Research Followership giuseppe.vaccaro[at]uniroma2.it
  Cinthia Campi Tenured Assistant Professor cinthia.campi@uniroma2.it
Risultati immagini per michela carnevali Michela Carnevali  Secretariat Coordinator  michela.carnevali@uniroma2.it

Main international publication of the team

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