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Work package 6


Pilot SmaLog students’ training

Description: The regular students’ training on the Master Programme in SmaLog will begin since January 2019. The advertising and admission campaign will be organized since April every year and it will last five months. The admission decision will be taken in August on the base of the testing results and the availability of vacant places. Currently, it is planning that the annual admission of students will be 15 persons for the MP in each participated PC University. In order to graduate the Master Programme by the end of the project (in June 2020), students started their training in January 2019. 20 the best students of the SmaLog specialty will be selected in every PC University and in March 2019 for them will be organized 1 month studying at the base of EU Universities. At UA & GE Universities, teaching will be performed by the team of the retrained PC teachers in the accordance with the developed and coordinated Curricula and Syllabi, using the elaborated teaching materials. Students of the Master Programme in SmaLog will alternate training in home and UA/GE Universities in accordance with the agreed technology of the Double Degree training and Agreements signed between participated universities. All these conditions will be spread in full volume on students admitted the Master Programme in September 2020. Master theses, prepared under supervision of EU and PC experts, will be defended in the International Exam Commissions in June 2020. Students who successfully fulfilled the Master Programme will be graduated by two diplomas: Ukrainian/Georgian. Besides, they will benefit from the double degree among Programme and Countries’ Institutions due to the agreements signed. The Virtual Mobility of PC teachers and students will be widely used as means for international learning communication and supervision of student’s qualification work.


Introduce SmaLog Master Programme into regular teaching.

Lead Organisation: O. M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv (NUUE).