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Очікувані результати

1,1 Initial Workshops in Partner Countries
1,2 Setting up of Agreement with Participants
1,3 Initial Conference of Project Participants
2,1 Desk and Field Studies of EU experience
2,2 Draft of SmaLog Master Programme (common part)
2,3 Draft of SmaLog Master Programme (special part)
2,4 Syllabi of disciplines
2,5 Progress Seminar of WG1 and its Sub-groups
2,6 Master Programme discussion, finalizing and approval
2,7 Master Programme publishing and presentation
3,1 Progress Seminar of Theoretical fundamentals of PhD Programme in SmaLog
3,2 Theoretical fundamentals of PhD Programme in SmaLog presentation
4,1 International Network for Distance Learning
4,2 Distance Learning Courses in Advanced SmaLog
4,3 GE&UA project academic staff formation
4,4 Teaching of 24 RU&UA teachers in EU Universities
4,5 Annual Training Seminars on SmaLog issues
4,6 Feedback and Improvement of the Developed System skills upgrading
5,1 Study Visit GE&UA part of WG2 to EU Universities
5,2 Master students’ researche Centres for SmaLog students and teachers
5,3 Project website, Facebook Page/Group, Google Advertising
5,4 Project related Teaching Materials
5,5 Integrated Transnational Student Mobility
5,6 Current EU methods of students training
5,7 Agreements between EU and PC Universities
5,8 3rd Conference of the Project Participants
6,1 Introduction SmaLog Programme into regular teaching
6,2 Students’ training at home universities
6,3 Students’ studying at EU universities
6,4 Advertising and Admission Campaign
6,5 Teachers’ exchange between GE and UA Universities
6,6 Master Theses’ development and defence
6,7 Feedback for SmaLog training improvement
7,1 Study Visit UA&GE part of WG3 to EU Universities
7,2 Draft of IQAS development
7,3 Discussion, finalizing and approval of IQAS
7,4 Guide on IQAS use
7,5 Training of teachers & Acquaintance of students
7,6 IQAS in operation
8,1 Institutional Evaluation Panels
8,2 GE-UA Cross-university Evaluation
8,3 Evaluation by representatives of EU and employers
9,1 PC University website, Facebook Page/Group, Google Advertising
9,2 Project Dissemination & Exploitation Activities & Publications
9,3 Conferences, Exhibitions, Student Fairs
9,4 Negotiations with employers of alumni
9,5 Cooperation with the PC Ministries of Education
9,6 Cooperation with the PC Ministries of Education
9,7 International Conferences on project results
10,1 Contractual issues and Project Progress Reports
10,2 Coordination Meetings of the PMC
10,3 Everyday project administration

Guide for assuring the quality of the educational programme

Report on preliminary planning activities performed within SmaLog project (WP1)

Educational Systems in SmaLog countries and Partner Groups (WP1.1)

Material from the 1st Annual Training Seminar on SmaLog issues (WP4)

Training of UA&GE teachers in EU Universities (WP4.4)



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